Abandoned Cart Data

Abandoned Cart Data

Like a brick and mortar store, you will regularly have customers browse your store and put items in their basket.  Some of these customers may choose to abandon their basket and look elsewhere.  It is a fact of life that more carts are abandoned than completed. This is not down to any mysterious technical issue but is purely down to human free will.


You can use the Abandoned Cart Data to claw back lost sales.  With the information and statistics at hand, you can contact the shoppers, potentially offering discounts, to seal the deal.

The Marketing > Abandoned Cart Data section of your Freewebstore Control Panel allows you to view your abandoned cart data against successful orders. It also allows you to see at which point the cart was abandoned.  If you click the"More Details"  link you can see details of what items were in the basket when the cart was abandoned.

*Please note that this feature is only available to premium users

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