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16 Jun

Are you on the cutting edge of Social Media interaction ?  Got a Facebook page for your business ?  Always Tweeting about your products ?

Social Media is a great way to interact with your customers and give your products more exposure.  Here at FreeWebstore, we’ve got your back with a few handy features that you might not be aware of.

Facebook Storefront

Our Facebook Storefront app allows you to publish your Product catalog directly to your Facebook Business Page using our simple app.  Once you’ve added the app, your products will be integrated into a tab on the page, and can be viewed by customers looking at your business via your Facebook presence.  We’ll automatically keep them up to date for you too.

Products can be Recommended by Facebook users, exposing your products to their Friends list and helping to get the word out.  Obviously there’s also a link to the store page included, so they can purchase the product directly too !

Facebook - Create A Page

If you already have your Facebook page set up, then it’s just a case of activating the feed, visiting our App Page, choosing which page to add the App to, and entering your unique Shopkeeper ID which can be found in the top right of the “Marketing > Social Media > Facebook Storefront” section in your FreeWebstore Control Panel along with a full set of detailed instructions.

FreeWebstore Facebook Tab App

As always, if you get yourself in a muddle, our friendly Support Team are here to help – just drop us a Ticket and we’ll get right back to you (usually within a couple of hours) !

Posting To Twitter and Other Social Media Platforms

Twitter is a wonderful way to keep your customers up to date on new developments with your business, as well as letting them know about your fantastic new products.  When you save a product in your FreeWebstore Control Panel, you’ll get the option to Tweet about it (with a link to the product page) as well as post it to Google+ and Facebook, creating a buzz and letting your Followers know as soon as you’ve got something new in your store.  It’s also a great opportunity for them to ask questions about the product and interact with you, which undoubtedly leads to more sales !


Social Icons

We’ve also recently launched our Social Icons feature on newer designs, which provides a simple way for you to easily link to your various Social Profiles from your store.  You can read more about Social Icons here.

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  1. Get your online store ready for Christmas – Creating Empires - September 22, 2016

    […] Plan your marketing campaign but start subtle. Traditionally the Christmas buying season starts the day after Thanksgiving, but so many people have done their Christmas shopping by then. I’m not suggesting that you start customizing your store with Christmas trees and tinsel just yet! A great way to start your Christmas campaign is to start blogging about it. If you have enabled StoreBlog, you can blog about what you’re planning in the run up to the Holiday Season. Put teasers for your upcoming sales on your blog or Facebook store to create awareness. According to a recent report by Deloitte more so than ever, consumers plan to use the Internet to research holiday buys and 50% will use social media during their shopping process when it comes to holiday spending. Get your customers to leave feedback and reviews on your StoreBlog and Facebook store. […]

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