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Feature Update: New Invoice Templates

6 Jul

Hello, store owners 👋 Some good news coming out of freewebstore HQ: We’ve added three new invoice designs for you all to use, no additional cost of course!


Do you want to give your invoices a new look, freshen things up? Go take a look, they’re living in your control panel right now! Head over to Settings > ECommerce Settings > Invoice Settings and check them out.

P.S We’ve got some exciting things brewing so watch this space 😉

Log in to your control panel here or pop over to our website here.

Responsive Web Design

2 Oct


A different approach to Web Design

Designing for the web is changing dramatically within the industry and here at FreeWebstore we are proud to be at the forefront of these technological changes and trends.

Mobile ecommerce has exploded this year and Tablet sales have overtaken Desktop sales.  Mobile internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. This suggests that more people are becoming comfortable with purchasing products on tablets and smartphones, so providing a mobile solution for these customers will ultimately increase online sales.

Websites now have to be suitable for a myriad of devices with differing screen sizes.  Building a different website for every device is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with and the need for a new strategy for web development has emerged.  As a consequence creating different versions of a website is fast becoming a thing of the past and web developers and designers are now creating a single responsive website that works equally well on every device.

What is Responsive Web Design?

With Responsive Web Design the website will detect the screen size and display the most compatible front end design for that size.  It’s fluid structure will adapt to a change in screen size or orientation in order to fill the screen.  Basically, a combination of media queries and CSS is used to amend the style and layout of the website depending on the available space.  Therefore on a mobile the website may look different than on a tablet and again different on a monitor. This could also mean that the website will look different whether the device is in portrait or landscape view.

Responsive websites have one URL  which users find easy to share and interact with.  Responsive websites also share the same HTML which makes it more efficient to keep the website up to date.  This also makes it quicker for search engines to crawl and index the website.  Google has stated that responsive web design is its recommended mobile configuration, and suggests that responsive web design is the industry best practice.

FreeWebstore Design Templates

We have been working hard over the last 6 months to create Responsive Web Design Templates together with flexible images and media so that they respond to their environment.  All of our template designs have been re-coded so that they provide a better user experience on mobile devices thus generating more sales for our customers.  It was imperative we implemented these changes otherwise we would risk our customers not benefiting from the growing number of Smartphone and Tablet users.

We have recently released two new design templates based on the “Mobile First” approach.  These are  named “Foundation” and “Brimstone” and can be previewed via the FreeWebstore signup page.   The “Mobile First” approach is the best practice for a designing a responsive website and ensures designers start by targeting smaller screens, and then expands components for larger screens.  We will be introducing more “Mobile First” design templates in the future and this will soon become standard across all our websites within the company.

This is the start of new era in world of web design and we will continuously evolve and keep to be up to date with the next generation of responsive web design.