Customer Account Upgrade

Customer Account Upgrade

Some more good news coming out of freewebstore HQ; We've updated the 'customer account' section to provide a more pleasant user experience for your customers.

The new customer account section overview

A little bit more info...

So we've given the 'customer account' section a little bit of a facelift in addition to adding some new, exciting features. The aim? To provide your customers with a better user experience and help increase your customer retention.

Some of the new features include:

Abandoned cart information

We've added an abandoned cart section, so if your customer left some products in the cart without completing that all-important transaction, they can order without having to route around

The abandoned cart section - storing previously abandoned information in the hope it re-engages your customers

Write a review button

We've implemented a 'write a review' button next to previously purchased items, in the hope that you'll gather more customer feedback and suggestions.

The new customer account section allows your customers to leave feedback on their purchase(s)


We've added a support section within the customer account so that your customer can contact you easily and conveniently

The new 'support' section, allowing you to stay on top of your customer's demands

Newsletter Subscription

Our new newsletter subscription section allows your customers to easily subscribe to your latest company emails at the click of a button, increasing the newsletter subscriber uptake!

Great! How do I claim it?

If you've got the 'customer account' section already enabled we've migrated you over to the new customer account area - you don't have to do anything at all.

If you've yet to enable the customer account feature you can do free of charge via your freewebstore account Settings > Basket Settings > Customer Accounts > Enable Customer Accounts.  Once the new My Account has been rolled out to your store it will appear automatically without you having to lift a finger!

Can I change the text?

Of course you can!  You can change the phrases listed below via the Design > Language Packs section of your freewebstore Control Panel.

Abandoned Cart:

Abandoned Carts


Any carts created on our store that haven't been completed will appear here automatically. You can then choose to complete the purchase should you wish.

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As always, we welcome any feedback via the comment section below! 

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