Creating An Online Store - Shipping Rules

Creating An Online Store - Shipping Rules

It may seem like a minefield when you start out with your eCommerce website and you come to set up postage rules. At freewebstore we understand there is a lot to think about but there is one thing we suggest above everything else and that is to keep it simple.  

One of the best options with postage is to offer free shipping and instead include the price of shipping in with your product price this or maybe just have one set delivery cost for everything - usually this will even out anyway.

Don't worry if your needs are more complex that that - the freewebstore control panel has a postage rule section which will allow you to easily manage this. You can choose to base your postage costs on price, quantity or weight. The first step here is to select which option you think will work best for you.


Most couriers will charge you postage based on the weight of the parcel you are shipping so charging by weight is the easiest way to charge the cost of that back to your customer accurately.


Setting up your rules based on how much money the customer has spent will be the most familiar - most big online retailers offer free delivery when you spend over a certain amount. Charging by cost allows you to advertise free shipping if a customer spends over a certain amount - this will encourage customers to buy more from your store in order to get that free shipping.


Charging by quantity allows you to manage how much you will charge a customer based on how much they order this can be nice and easy for you to keep track of and works well if your products are all of similar weight and size.

Postage Rules

Once you have decided how you are going to charge your postage you can add rules for how much each band will cost and also which countries or states each of these rules apply to. This allows you to have a higher cost for shipping abroad or limit yourself to only shipping within certain countries or states,

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