Getting Started with Storeblog

4 Jul

Getting started with the storeblog is really easy. Simply visit the “Manage > Store Blog” section of your Control Panel, and enable the addon if you haven’t already.


Once there, click the pulsing + button to create your first blog article.
On the next screen, you can set the Title and Author Name. The permanent link to the blog will be created automatically based on your title, but if you want to change it, just click the blue part to edit it.



You can also set a summary here, which is sometimes referred to as an “abstract”. This is a quick summary of the article that gets displayed elsewhere on your store, but it’s not the article itself.
Next are the Tags. Here you can add simple categories to tie blog articles together. For mine, I’m just going to add the tags “baking” and “top5” – that way anyone viewing the article can click the tag to see all articles where I’ve added the “baking” tag or “top5”.
There are two green switches at the bottom of the Settings panel, allowing to enable or disable Comments on your article, and Social Media Share Icons.
To create the actual blog content, click the Content tab at the top and you will be presented with an editor.


Here you can add your article text and images. There are plenty of formatting options, but the easiest approach is to keep it clean and simple – allowing the default styles of your store design to work for you.
The comments tab allows you to approve, reject, reply to and delete any comments on your article. By default, all comments are not approved and won’t show until you approve them.


Finally, Statistics will show you hits on your article over various time periods, including daily, weekly and monthly.
Once your article is complete, hit the Save button in the top-right corner.


You’ll be returned to the list view, where you can see all of the articles you have created.
By default, your new article is Un-Published, so won’t be visible on the store yet. This view shows you how many comments you have on the article, and how many of those are not yet approved. You can also Edit and Preview the article even though it’s not yet published.


When Previewing, don’t distribute the link generated, wait until you’ve published it first.


You can Publish and Un-Publish the article by toggling the switch in the top right, and you’ll also want to set the blog image that will appear throughout your store by clicking Change Image on the Placeholder.
Finally, you can delete the article using the button in the bottom-right corner.
One last note on this section, is that you can filter articles by Published, Unpublished or All as well as sorting them by Date, Title and Popularity.



For more information on blogs, you can find our Walkthrough here.

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