Adding Google+ Social Plugins to your Store

15 Jan

It’s an easy process to add a “Google+ 1” or “Google+ Follow” button to your store; so why not create an account and spread your web store even further.

Step 1

Go to either of the following links:

+1 Button:

Follow Button:

Step 2

Edit the settings on the left hand side of the page until you get the button design you want. (For the +1 button you may also need to sign into your Google account).

edit settings

Step 3

Once the button design is perfect for you, simply copy the code on the right hand side of the page.


Step 4

Then log into your Freewebstore Control Panel and navigate to the edit section for the page, product or banner area you wish to add the button to, and paste the code into the TOOLS > SOURCE CODE section of the text-editor.


Click the “OK” button and then click “Save”.

Your Google + plugin button will then be displayed on your web store and users will be able to follow or share the content on the page.

Google + Share

If you need any assistance with this please get in touch with the Freewebstore support team.

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