PayPal Express

PayPal Express

PayPal Express offers your customers an alternative way of checking out on your store using the details they have stored in their PayPal account.

How does it work in my store?

1.  Your customers enter their items into the basket and then proceed to the checkout as normal.

2.  The customer clicks the "PayPal" logo rather than the standard "Checkout" link.

3.  Your customer will enter their Paypal account details.

4.  Paypal then returns your customers back to your store to review the order and select postage.

Setting up PayPal Express

Setting up PayPal Express for your store is a breeze. Simply head to the Ecommerce > Settings section of your freewebstore Control Panel to get started.

1.  Click the "Edit Settings" under the PayPal section.

2.  Ensure your PayPal details are correct then tick the "Enable PayPal Express" tick box.

That is it!  Your customers can now check out using PayPal Express on your store.

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