Business Users Sell More

29 Jul

Our Free Users sell tens of millions in merchandise every single year. It really is a great product and they never need pay us a single penny for providing this amazing service.

However, our Business Users sell much, much more! Power Tools are the reason why…

Power Tools

All our business users get instant access to these powerful selling tools.


Add More Products

Add more revenue generating products to your store to make more money! Simple.


Freewebstore Branding Removal

Upgrade to any business package and the Freewebstore branding will be removed from your store, facebook store and social media posts. This will increase the credibility of your business and enhance shopper trust.


Add Your Own Pages

Add more content to your store by adding your own non-product pages. This will boost your SEO and push you up the search engine rankings which in turn boost sales!


Abandoned Cart Data

Increase sales by retreiving abandoned carts and converting missed orders.


Product Feeds

Upload your products to some of the world’s largest shopping platforms such as Amazon Product Ads™, Bing Ads™, Choozen™, Ciao!™, dooyoo™,™, pricegrabber™, ShopMania™,™, ShoppyDoo™, TheFind™, Twenga™ Shopzilla™.


Advanced Messaging

Receive emails direct from your store contact page containing all customer details. Reply to them via email or via your Freewebstore Control Panel.


Google Shopping™

Access millions of shoppers searching on the world’s biggest search engine. They are looking for what you are selling. Match made in heaven!


Language Packs

Reach more customers by adding more language packs to your store. Sell worldwide and boost your sales by reaching billions of new potential shoppers!


Offline Payments

Increase sale conversions by allowing shoppers to pay in many offline ways such as bank transfer, cash on delivery, check, cash on collection and many more!


Product & Visitor Stats

Visualize your product and visitor statistics with our simple to use reports. Take advantage of shopper behaviours and increase sale conversions to boost revenue.


Coupons & Vouchers

Run promotions and boost sales to your shoppers. Proven technique for increasing sales and ramping up your store turnover.


Fedex™ Parcels

Boost sales by sending out parcels with a courier shoppers trust. Save time by letting the experts take care of your shipping rules and options.


UPS™ Parcels

Save time and increase shopper confidence by providing UPS parcel delivery options to your shoppers.

 No Contracts

There are no minimum terms or secret cancellation fees. You upgrade whenever you like and you can cancel whenever you like. You are in charge. You can even change between packages as often as you like. So your store grows with you.

Free Month Hosting

If you choose to pay for your hosting annually instead of monthly then you receive a full month of hosting absolutely free of charge!

Free Domain Name

Upgrade to the Professional Package or higher and you will receive a free domain name. Domains have a big impact on sales. Stores on domains sell a lot more.

One Response to “Business Users Sell More”

  1. Shop-store-one1 July 30, 2014 at 12:02 pm #

    I’m letting my seven online stores walk on its own for now and when they can generate it’s own cash i, ll upgrade to a more premium package then my sell, s will more then likely sky rocket.

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