Non Product Pages

26 Jun

Your store allows you to add more than product pages, as sometimes you want to provide general information about a product range, information about your company, or even Tips & Tricks that apply to your products ! We provide you with several free pages out of the box, including a Home page to create that first impression and a Contact Form so customers can get in touch.  You can easily change the content via the “Manage > Pages” section of your  FreeWebstore Control Panel  and when you subscribe to any one of our Premium Packages you can even add as many pages as you like !

Use the Manage > Pages section to create and edit non-product pages, such as your Profile and Terms pages.

Pages created here will generally appear in a Store Links area on your webstore, although a specific number of pages (dependant on your chosen design) can be set as part of the Main Navigation. Some existing pages, such as Terms or Privacy, may have a set position on your design and cannot be moved.

Your current pages are shown in the above lists.

Pages highlighted in green with a bold title are part of your Main Navigation.

Pages highlighted in red are Hidden.

Pages highlighted in white will appear in the Store Links section of your webstore.

Pages highlighted in brown have a fixed position on your webstore and cannot be moved.

Pages highlighted in blue are External Links.


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