Non-product Pages

Non-product Pages

Your store allows you to add more than product pages, as sometimes you want to provide general information about a product range, information about your company, or even Tips & Tricks that apply to your products! We provide you with several free pages out of the box, including a Homepage to create that first impression and a Contact Form so customers can get in touch.  You can easily change the content via the "Manage > Pages" section of your  FreeWebstore Control Panel and when you subscribe to any one of our Premium Packages you can even add as many pages as you like!

Use the Manage > Pages section to create and edit non-product pages, such as your Profile and Terms pages.

Pages created here will generally appear in a Store Links area on your web store, although a specific number of pages (dependant on your chosen design) can be set as part of the Main Navigation. Some existing pages, such as Terms or Privacy, may have a set position on your design and cannot be moved.

*Premium users get an unlimited number of non-product pages. Free users are restricted to one. 

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