9 Apr

Hopefully you now have a fully functioning webstore up-and-running; you’ve added products, setup categories, maybe got your own domain name, submitted your sitemap to Google and created some custom pages. Now it’s time to focus on the visual aspects of your webstore.

Selling online, moreso than traditional shopping, is a visual sell. A significant number of customers, whether they realise it or not, will be affected by the design of your webstore. A unique design built around your products and aimed at the right market can instantly project the right image, appeal to the right demographic and give your customers confidence to buy from you.

We give you complete control over the look and design of your store.

Our “templates” are simply starting points for you – you can then customise the stores to suit your exact needs.

Take a look at some examples…

There are many customisation options available to you within your FreeWebstore Control Panel: from a few colour changes or a striking header design all the way to an eye-catching animated slideshow – and with access to your store’s CSS you really can do it all.

The Design > Customise Design sections of the control panel let you customise several aspects of your webstore, such as the colours, logo, header image, background image, banners and more.

For the advanced user you can also override the CSS used on your store via the Design > Customise Design > Advanced CSS section.

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