UK E-cigarette Law Change

3 Feb

As you may or may not know, the UK government is planning to increase the legal age for the sale of e-cigarettes to over eighteens only. There are a number of easy steps that you can follow to get your store prepared for this.

  1. Make it explicit to your customers that the products you are selling are age restricted. This can be as simple as having a banner image on your webstore or a message in your homepage’s description, or even both together. These images are widely available on the internet however here is a basic one to get you started which you are free to use.
    under 18
  2. Enable a popup window on your webstore via the Settings > Store Settings section of your Freewebstore Control Panel asking your customers to confirm that they are above the legal age for your products.
    This allows you to have your customers confirm that they are over 18 before accessing your webstore. If not, your customer is simply redirected to Google. This message can be changed to anything you wish in the Settings > Store Settings section of your Freewebstore Control Panel.

  3. Use checkout forms asking your customers to confirm their date of birth.
    What are checkout forms?

    Checkout forms are a feature available upon request which allows you to attach custom forms to your products. So when a customer attempts to purchase one of these products, they will be required to complete the form before being able to add the product to their basket and proceed through the checkout process. You can have this feature activated on your webstore by contacting our support team.

Completing all of these steps will get your webstore ready for the change in the UK law.

If you need help with setting up any of this or need help with something else. You are always welcome to contact our Support Team via the “Support” section of your Freewebstore Control Panel and we will be more than happy to help.

Also, although this post is primarily directed to our store-owners who sell e-cigarettes products. The contents can be applied to any store-owner who plan to sell age restricted products on their webstore.

One Response to “UK E-cigarette Law Change”

  1. kevin Knight November 23, 2014 at 4:39 pm #

    Thank you on behalf of the large number of e-cigarette related sellers who are pleased to use freewebstore

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