Freewebstore Packages

27 Nov

You may have noticed that we have have recently re-shuffled our packages.  We aim to offer as much flexibility for our users as possible so that you are only paying for the products you require.  We are confident that you will find the perfect package that matches the requirements of your store.

Free User

Yes, you read that right.  It is free and will remain completely free for as long as you would like it to remain so.  We have increased the product slots from 15 to 30 in our Free User Package.


With our Amateur package you have 50 product slots available to you and you can take advantage of our business features*.


This is the ideal package to choose when expanding the size of your store. With 150 product slots and business features* this is one of our most popular packages.


The Professional package features all the standard business packages*, but with the addition of 300 products, Unlimited Support & a Free Domain Name of your choice.

Power Seller

With the Power Seller package you get a massive 30,000 products, offering you  huge capacity to help grow your store.  You also get all the business features* as well as a Free Domain Name & Priority Support from our fantastic Support Team.


This is the newest package and is designed for store owners who need the extra capacity offered.  Not only are you able to have 250,000 products on your store, you will also be designated your very own Upload Manager who will help you upload those products to your store.  Other features include your own Domain name, Priority Support and a Company SSL.

*Business Features include:

  • Banner Removal – Removal of our Freewebstore banner at the top of your store.
  • Upload Product Feeds – Upload your products to Google shopping, Amazon, Bing and many more.
  • Add Your Own Pages – Create an unlimited number of non-product pages.
  • Product Imports – Import your entire product range from a spreadsheet.
  • Vouchers & Coupons – Integrate discount codes and coupons into your store with ease.

For more information, including our package prices please click here.

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