Store of the Month – November

8 Nov


Congratulations to Berkshire Outdoor Leisure who have been selected for our November Store of the Month.

Tell us a bit about your business.

“Berkshire Outdoor Leisure is an on-line only retailer specialising in the outdoor leisure market. We sell innovative products for activities such as snow sports, camping and walking and offer free delivery on every order within the UK.

The business was formed 2 years ago as a way of combining my passions for the outdoors and IT. We are still a very small business but have been growing every month since we started.

Over the 2 years we have been running, each month has seen growth over the same month from the previous year. We started out with around 50 products on the store and now have close to 300.”

What made you choose Freewebstore as your E commerce Solution ?

“A friend of mine was already using Freewebstore for his business so when I asked him for advise, he pointed me in your direction.

The best thing about freewebstore is how quickly I can add new products, pages etc whilst also having the flexibility to have the pages look pretty much as I want them to. The support team have been excellent at helping with uploading unique CSS code and advising on how best to tackle other technical challenges.”

What marketing do you do and how do you apply this to your store ?

“My Marketing activities are split between google ads, direct email, SEO and social networks. I have buttons to allow customers to like and share content on my store on facebook, twitter etc. I have an email sign up form on my store as well.”

Have you got any expansion plans and how does Freewebstore fit into these plans ?

I’m always looking to expand primarily by increasing my product range. I am continually trying to push the boundaries of what is possible on Freewebstore and so far have been happy with their responses. I would like to see more done around mobile web pages and apps however the integration to my store via their API will probably allow me to do that.

Can you offer any advise to any of our other store users ?

“Use the advice that is available from the support team. They are a great bunch of people who always reply quickly to any enquiries I have.

Have you had any customer feedback to your store ?

“I pro-actively look for customer feedback from every customer who purchases from the store. I ask customers to provide feedback via a recognised review site so that the review scores are picked up by Google search but I also copy every comment to my feedback page on my store. To date, I have only had 4 and 5 star reviews.

Please sum up your Freewebstore Experience

“Freewebstore is that very rare breed of software that manages to combine simplicity with flexibility so you literally set up a simpl store in minutes and you can have something that looks unique and very professional.”

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