Customer Confidence & Trust: New SSL Certificate Features

17 Oct

Building customer confidence & trust is vitally important for your business.  Once you gain your customer’s trust they are more likely to purchase from your store.

What can you do to help build confidence on your store ?

Add a Domain Name –  There are a large number of websites you can use to cheaply register domain names. A few of the more popular choices are and Alternatively, if you upgrade to either our Professional or Power Seller packages you can claim a free domain name which will automatically be attached to your store.

Lead Times – Provide realistic lead times on your store.  You may wish to add a page specifically explaining which delivery methods you use, whether it is a signed service and your prices etc.  If your couriers are not always reliable in regards to delivery times it may be worth adding a few days onto your lead time so that your customers expectations are met.

Return & Refund Policies – Customers want to know that they are in safe hands so by stating clearly how you deal with refunds and returns can sometimes be the deciding factor in customers purchasing goods from your store or choosing a competitor instead.  By adding a returns address and what your policy is will help increase your potential customer’s confidence that you are the right store to purchase from.

Contact Details – One of the simplest ways of creating confidence & trust is by adding your contact details.  If you have a telephone number then we would recommend you add it.   If your customer is deciding between two stores and one of the stores has contact details you will find they will go for that store !

Reviews – Both product reviews and store reviews will help other potential customers in deciding to purchase from your store.  Even the way that you deal with negative reviews will have an impact.  If the potential customer sees that an existing customer had an issue with an order, but you dealt with it in a timely and professional manner it shows that you are a credible store.

What do Freewebstore do to help ?

So you have created a store with as much information as you can provide to put your customers mind at rest.  They have decided to purchase goods from your store.  The final piece in the jigsaw in regards to trust & confidence is that your customers  personal information is secure.  With this in mind we have launched a number of SSL certificate options in your FreeWebstore Control Panel.

What is an SSL Certificate ?

SSL is referred to as “Secure Sockets Layer”.   It is a protocol designed to transmit information back and forth from one server on the internet to another securely. An SSL certificate ensures online shoppers that their personal information is kept confidential when making online purchases.  When viewing a secure site with an SSL certificate you may notice a small “padlock” icon on the screen.  This is to show that the page is secure and again is designed to give your customers the confidence to purchase from your store.

So what are your options ?

Shared SSL Certificate (Recommended for small – Medium Sized Businesses)

We now offer our shared SSL certificate at no cost to add to your store.  A number of hosting companies charge a fortune for purchasing an SSL certificate every year.  By using our shared certificate you will not be charged a penny.  When your customers checkout they will use the domain httpS://

Company SSL (Recommended for large Businesses)

With a company SSL you will have your own SSL certificate on your domain name which will be hosted on a dedicated I.P address.  This option costs £300 a year.  If you are interested in this option simply contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.


If you chose the “No SSL” option the security will be handled by the third party payment provider you chose within the Ecommerce > Checkouts section of the Freewebstore Control Panel.

To select which option you would prefer go to the Settings > Basket Settings section of the Freewebstore Control Panel.  If you need any help with this or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact our support team who will be happy to help.

2 Responses to “Customer Confidence & Trust: New SSL Certificate Features”

  1. Ian Billings October 31, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    “Contact Details – One of the simplest ways of creating confidence & trust is by adding your contact details. If you have a telephone number then we would recommend you add it.”

    Contact details are a requirement for online trading. I don’t know where the current regulations are – it was the Department of Trade and Industry when I started – but all online traders should ensure that their website complies with disclosure rules and states returns and cancellation policy which is also enshrined in UK and European law.

    Many sellers do not realise that customers have the right to cancel an order – a sort of cooling off period – with some exceptions (like custom-made goods). Investigate and comply!


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