The Countdown to Christmas

3 Oct


Seasons Greetings !!!   Ok, maybe a little bit too soon for that, but the reality is that as a retailer Christmas starts sooner every year.  A quick look on Google Trends shows that people have already started searching for their Christmas shopping .  Christmas spending hit £29 billion last year in the UK*  and is set to grow even further in 2013.  So you need to be one of those stores that people spend their hard earned Christmas cash on.

Now is the time to start preparing your store for the Christmas rush.  Are you going to offer any special deals this year ?    Have you got enough stock ?  Are you going to offer a new range of products ?  Do you know your last order date with your couriers ?  Does your store need a facelift ? These are the types of questions you need to be asking yourself now, and not leave it until the last minute in December.

Now will also be the time to start thinking about maybe creating Christmas specific themes for your store.  Christmas banners were very popular last year and I know you are a creative bunch so it will be interesting to see how innovative you are this year.  With complete control over the look and feel of your store it is easy to get the look you need to encourage those Christmas Shoppers to buy from your store.

As always our support team are on hand to help by contacting

*The Money Advice Service

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