Manage Pages

22 Jul

Let’s take a closer look at the Manage > Pages feature.

If you want to add any information pages to your webstore to tell your customers about anything then you should take a look at the Manage > Pages section. Maybe you want an About Us page with a bit about what you do; maybe you want a News page to keep your customers informed of any new products on the horizon; or maybe a Shipping & Postage page which fully explains how your postage costs work.

From the Manage > Pages section, you simply select the page you want to edit and type in whatever you want to say.

You’ll automatically have 4 pages already setup for you in the Manage > Pages section: Home, About/Profile, Terms and Privacy. Feel free to add whatever you want to these pages: text, links, images – you can do it all with our easy-to-use page editor. Business Users can even create as many new pages as they want!

Ecommerce Checkouts

You’ve no doubt already thought about how you would like to accept payments from your customers. FreeWebstore offers you many checkout options. Generally, it is a good idea to give your customers a few different payment options as everybody has their own preference.

Selecting your checkout options should be as easy as setting up an account with them, then visiting the Ecommerce > Checkouts section of the control panel and entering your details.

We will be adding more and more checkout options in future to help you sell to anyone and everyone. Keep an eye on our Twitter page for any developments!
Coming Soon

Next time, we’ll take a look at how design can affect your customers and give you a few examples of stores that have used good design to increase sales – a little investment early on can reap rewards down the line.
Tip of the Day

The Text Editor in the Edit Pages section works just like any other word processor – you can make text Bold, Italic or Underlined; you can change the colour, add images; and, if you know the web programming language, HTML, you can click the “HTML” button and add it to your page!

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